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Looking for a solar promotion? You’re in luck! EnergySage partners with manufacturers of solar equipment to provide you with promotions for solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Check out our list of current rebates and promotions below to see how much more you can save by going solar with EnergySage!

How to Claim Your Rebate

Once you've selected an installer's quote that includes equipment with a manufacturer rebate, EnergySage will automatically send you an email with instructions on how to claim it.

Please check your email and follow the instructions provided.

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Inverter Rebates

$250 Inverter Rebate
Eligibility Dates:
Nov 13, 2023 - May 31, 2024
APsystems DS3 Series
  • The APsystems DS3 is the #1 dual-module microinverter in the world
  • DS3 microinverters maximize the energy produced on each circuit
  • Designed to harness the power of today’s high capacity solar panels
  • 3 models: DS3-S, DS3-L, DS3
  • 10 year standard warranty extendable to 25 years

Want rebate-eligible equipment but not sure where to start?

If you’re interested in receiving custom solar and storage quotes that are rebate-eligible, but don’t have a preference about the specific equipment brand included in your quotes, we’ve got you covered. Click below to get started, and we’ll let installers in your area know the type of equipment to include in your quotes on EnergySage.

How it works

  • Step One

    See an exciting rebate? Register for a free account on EnergySage

  • Step Two

    Receive quotes for promo-eligible equipment

  • Step Three

    Select a quote with eligible equipment on EnergySage

  • Step Four

    When your system is up and running, we'll send a link to claim the rebate

  • Step Five

    Cash your rebate check!

How rebates help solar shoppers

Solar is a major investment, and any promotional offer can help lower the price you pay. Regardless of how you pay for the solar panel system, receiving a rebate to go solar can be the cherry on top for a slam-dunk investment.

Did we just mix metaphors? Yes we did. But let’s be real: what’s not to like about a check with your name on it?

How rebates help solar manufacturers

It can be hard to differentiate solar panels, inverters and batteries in a crowded market. Offering rebates and promotions through EnergySage is a great way for manufacturers to rise above the rest of the pack for more installers and solar shoppers. If you’re a manufacturer interested in providing EnergySage-specific consumer-facing or installer-facing promotions, please email

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