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Editorial Guidelines

EnergySage always puts the consumer first. In everything we do, we strive to be 100% accurate and objective in order to protect and empower you. Our editorial guidelines have been unwavering since our founding in 2009.

EnergySage Vision

A planet powered by clean, affordable, and reliable energy for all.

EnergySage Mission

Empower people everywhere to switch to affordable, reliable clean energy and energy-saving solutions through trusted resources, objective advice, and a simple shopping experience.

Our Team and Purpose

The editorial team at EnergySage is made up of clean energy experts, experienced technical writers, and journalists. We are dedicated to helping people learn about and adopt clean energy solutions with deeply-researched, accurate, and unbiased content. We make unnecessarily complex energy technologies approachable. We make the often-opaque clean energy industry transparent. We help you feel confident making the best choices for you, your home, your budget, and our planet.

Consumer protection is the EnergySage editorial team's guiding purpose. We are fiercely objective and independent from influence by manufacturers, installers, and others who may have self-interest in your decision making. We give you the facts and show our work, backed by research and data. The many products listed and rated on our site are done so based on hard data and input from real people like you.

We are always seeking high-integrity, mission-driven, expert writers to join our team in order to increase our coverage of a wide range of clean energy topics and make them accessible to everyone. With this work, we are accelerating the adoption and development of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies for homes and businesses. If you are interested in joining our team, check out the EnergySage Careers page.

Editorial Principles

Expertise. We are committed to being unparalleled in our understanding and communication of information to every single person who interacts with EnergySage.

Transparency. We peel back the curtain on the opaque parts of the clean energy industry, and we show our work. Clear information enables you to make smarter decisions and moves the industry forward.

Simplicity. The clean energy industry is fraught with jargon and scientific terminology that is often over-complicated by industry players. Without ever reducing accuracy, we strive to turn the complex into the approachable.

Objectivity. Our product ratings and provider reviews are backed by rigorous analyses of both proprietary first-party data and available and well-researched third-party data from sources such as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). We don't just "like" a product or recommend it. We rigorously evaluate it, score it objectively via research-backed criteria, and present the results in a way that will help you make the most informed decisions possible.

Editorial Independence

Our editorial team, researchers, writers, and guest authors source and create 100% of our own content, and it is all original.

Our writers and editors serve you. They are held to the highest standards for accuracy, journalistic integrity, and completeness of their work, not sensationalsm or hype.

When and where we express editorial viewpoints, they are those of EnergySage and our editorial team alone.

Our network of partners and industry allies share a common mission with the EnergySage, but have no influence over the content we create or our research methodologies.

No pay-for-play. Neither EnergySage nor individual content creators receive direct compensation from manufacturers, brands, or business partners in order to influence content.

Accuracy and Corrections

EnergySage research and proprietary data is relied on across the clean energy industry by individuals, manufacturers, industry analysts, federal and state governments, utilities, policymakers, scholars, and nonprofits. We take this trust and responsibility seriously. It drives our unwavering commitment to accuracy.

Our researchers and writers source information only from authoritative, high-integrity sources, including government and industry data; federal and state regulations, policies, and tax incentives; and experts in the fields of clean energy, solar, sustainability, heating and cooling, electric vehicles, and more.

If ever an accuracy concern is raised, we immediately reverify our work. If a correction is warranted, we swiftly make that correction and note it. To notify our editorial team of a concern, please email