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Maxeon Solar Technologies

Maxeon's patented IBC cell technology maximizes energy savings through industry-leading efficiency and reliability—backed by the solar's longest warranty featuring comprehensive 40-year coverage for added peace of mind. Designed to elegantly fit on any roof, Maxeon's flagship panels are responsibly manufactured with sustainably sourced materials to truly provide a sustainable choice for your clean energy future.
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About Maxeon Solar Technologies

Built from nearly 40 years of boundary-pushing solar DNA, Maxeon Solar Technologies spun-off from US-based SunPower Corporation in 2020. We now independently design, manufacture and sell our industry-leading solar panels in more than 100 countries around the globe. As Maxeon, we continue to push the limits of solar innovation through the record-setting efficiency and unmatched reliability of our flagship Maxeon line panels.
Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Beautiful, all-black high performance solar panels compliment the beauty of your home and provide long-term energy savings

  2. 40-year warranty, most reliable and durable solar panels on the market

  3. Enhanced shade performance

Our innovative Maxeon panels produce more energy than standard solar panels and offer the industry’s longest warranty—with comprehensive coverage for a full 40 years. Which means Maxeon customers can count on a lifetime of satisfaction and savings. Together, we can build a better tomorrow through reliable, sustainable energy.

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Awesome performance in hot humid weather

My panels were installed in April 2023. I paired them with Enphase IQ8A’s and they put out a TON of power. On a hot summer day each panel is putting out almost 380 watts per panel which I’m very happy with. I bought Maxeon panels because they are the most reliable panels with their unique cell design that is different than anyone else’s on the market. And surprisingly, the pricing I got was actually less expensive than some higher end panels like REC AlphaPure and Panasonic Evervolt. Would highly recommend!

Posted by mattjohnson5456 on Sep 08, 2023



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